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Batteries For UAV

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Battery Selection

Batteries Are the Main Power Source for UAVs and it is Important to Understand the Options.


Lithium Battery Types

BatteriesForUAV/18650LithIonBat.jpg BatteriesForUAV/LiFeBat.jpg BatteriesForUAV/TurnigyLiPo.jpg

Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Battery Energy Densities
Battery & Link to Information Used Volts (VDC) Capacity (mAh) Mass (g) Energy Capacity (WH) Energy Density (Wh/kg)
Panasonic NCR 18650B Lithium Ion 3.6 3.2 0.047 11.52 245.11
Zippy Flight Max Lithium Polymer 22.2 5 0.703 111 157.89
MaxAmps MA6S11000 Lithium Polymer 22.2 11 1.235 244.2 197.73
MaxAmps MV5450 Lithium Polymer 3.7 5.4 0.131 19.98 152.52

Lithium Polymer


Lithium Ion

BatteriesForUAV/LithiumIonDiagram.jpg BatteriesForUAV/PanasonicNCR18650BBatteries.jpg

GEB 8043125

BatteriesForUAV/GEB8043125Battery.png BatteriesForUAV/GEB8043125Battery2.jpg BatteriesForUAV/GEB8043125Battery3.jpg BatteriesForUAV/LiPoBag2.jpg

Lithium Battery Safety

Battery Chargers

BatteriesForUAV/BatteryChargers.gif BatteriesForUAV/ThunderPowerCharger.jpg

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