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First Person View

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First Person View

First Person View provides you with a true pilot's eye view while flying your airplane or copter.

A video camera and transmitter are placed in your plane or copter and a receiTBSDiscoveryver and video display are used on the ground.

An OSD (On Screen Display) can be connected to your flight controller to provide an aircraft instrument overlay on your FPV monitor.

The video display can be either an LCD screen display or a head mounted display (video goggles).

This system is smaller, lighter and less expensive than you would think and can provide a wonderful true pilot flying experience.

All the FPV copters described on this page are small providing increased agility, performance, pilot experience, survivability and safety.

Very Important Safety Warning Relating Specifically to FPV Flight

The Least Expensive Way to get into FPV

Hubsan X4D FPV Quadcopter and Transmitter with built in color monitor

HD Video Recording Camera + FPV Camera

Blusky1 FPV piloting his TBS Discovery using a Fatshark Attitude HMD

GoPro HD video recording while FPV flying over an abandoned Renaissance Festival grounds

The location is outside of Fredericksburg Virginia on land once owned by George Washington’s mother

Richard Evans video showing actual First Person View with OSD

Actual FPV video recorded on ground station during flight of 3DR Arducopter FPV quadcopter.

Stefan Cenkov piloting an Airplane with First Person View showing OSD

Actual FPV video recorded on ground station during flight of an FPV Airplane.

And some expert FPV piloting through Desert Canyons

TBS Discovery Quadcopter

FPV Quadcopter Time Lapse Build

A really great video by BluSky1 of the complete construction of a TBS Discovery FPV Quadcopter.

Video system wiring layout with simple EMI shielding and Filtering

A video of this TBS Discovery Quadcopter flying FPV at moderate range

BluSky1’s parts list for his TBS Discovery FPV copter and system:

  1. TBS Discovery Frame [No Core] - $74.99
  2. DJI 450 Arms x4 [Black] - $20.00
  3. 900Kv RC Timer Motors x4 & 30 Amp Speed Controls [Simonk] x4 - $155.00
  4. 5.8Ghz 600Mw Immersion transmitter [4km Range] - 69.99
  5. SpirotNet clover leaf antenna Set - $40.00
  6. Flight controller Naza-M V1/V2 PMU +GPS+IOSD Mini - $459.99
  7. FPV Camera SecurityCamera2000 700tv line - 50.00
  8. Naza GPS Holder - $13.00
  9. GoPro Hero White Edition - $199.99
  10. Props 9 x 5 Graupner E-Props [Carbon Fiber] x4 - $30.00
  11. Battery System Venom 35C 11.1V 5000mAh 3S LiPo - $100.00
  12. Radio System Turnigy 9x With Frsky upgrade [1.5-2.5km Range] - $125.00
  13. Video goggles Fatshark Attitude SD [No Battery] - $389.99
  14. Video goggle battery 1000mAh 2s 7.4v - $20.00
  15. Turnigy balance lipo battery charger - $54.99
  16. Pocket DVR or Netbook for recording real-time video - $114.99

The minimum for this system - $1917.93

Recommended Accessories

  1. Spare batteries I generally have 3 spares - $300.00
  2. Spare Props I generally have 2 spare sets [8pc] - $60.00
  3. Spare DJI arms I generally have 1 spare set [4pc] -$20.00
  4. 5-12 Turn Helical Antenna - $50.00

Total for this system with recommend spare batteries and parts - $2347.93

A few thoughts by BluSky1 regarding this system.

And a few additional thoughts by me regarding this system.

Video by BluSky1 mixing pilot’s FPV OSD view with the GoPro recorded HD video.

Flip FPV Frame

FPV Components

Wiring an FPV System

FPV and a Ground Station

Video Goggles

A popular option for immersive FPV flying is video goggles such as the Fat Shark series:

Fat Shark Attitude goggles have a 640 x 480 screen which is satisfactory for piloting.

The Attitude goggles have a built in receiver and come with the necessary transmitter.

Fat Shark 640 x 480 Dominator goggles work well but require a separate receiver and transmitter.

There are also 320 x 240 pixel goggles but the 640 x 480 ones provide a better flying experience.

High Resolution Video Performance

Video by BlueSky1 showing the quality of a 640 x 480 FPV vision system, see his BLOG

Low Resolution Video Performance

Video by BlueSky1 showing the quality of a 320 x 240 FPV vision system.


An explanation of Radio Interference problems with FPV and what to do about it.

FPVing over Sun Flowers by BluSky1

And Finally, One More Fantastic FPV Video by Robert Mcintosh

Don’t try this at home: Robert Mcintosh at the beach with his Copter Control Quadrixette 30 see his Blog.

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