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Materials And Services - Appropriate Materials and Available Services.

  1. Information Related to UAV
    1. Wickipedia Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Public Encyclopedia of Military and Civilian Drones and UAVs
    2. Wickipedia Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles - Public Encyclopedia of Military Drones and UAVs
    3. ECalc - XCopterCalc - Spreadsheet for Calculating multicopter motor, propeller, weight and battery perfomance
    4. Dr. Paul Pounds PDF - Definitive article on Quad Rotor Vehicle Design
    5. EFlightWiki - Lots of information relating to Electric Aircraft and Multicopters
    6. The UAV Guide - Information about UAVs and Multicopters
    7. Drone Flyers - Information about Consumer Multicopters

  2. Groups Related to UAV
    1. DIYDrones - The Leading Community for Personal UAVs
    2. Academy of Model Aeronautics - The Primary Model Airplane Club in the United States

  3. Forums Related to UAV
    1. RC Groups - Multirotor forum
    2. Here is a link to for some useful drone and component classified advertisements.

  4. Manufacturers (and suppliers) Related to UAV
    1. 3DRobotics - Supplier of the Pixhawk Autopilot and Iris and and Arducopter Multicopters
    2. Hobby King - US and International suppliers of RC multicopter and airplane stuff
    3. KDE Direct - Supplier Manufacturer of the Very Best Multi Rotor and Heli Motors
    4. RC Tiger Motor - Manufactures Motors, ESCs and Props including the big U8 Pro 100KV
    5. Boca Bearings - where to get the best Stainless and Ceramic bearings
    6. Hoverthings - Manufacturer of very rugged quadcopter frames with machined fiberglass arms
    7. SteadiDone - professional quality carbon fiber Quadcopters, Frames, ARF and RTF
    8. DJI Flamewheel manufacturers of Flamewheel F330, F450 and F550 ARF Quadcopter Kits
    9. DJI Phantom manufacturers of DJI Phantom RTF Quadcopters
    10. Hobby Flip - Suppliers of DJI and Hubsan Quadcopters and parts
    11. Rock West Composites - Suppliers of High Quality Carbon Fiber Tubing and plate
    12. Dragon Plate - Suppliers of High Quality Carbon Fiber Tubing and plate
    13. Carbon Fiber Tube Shop - Suppliers of High Quality Carbon Fiber Tubing and plate
    14. CST The Composites Store - Suppliers of High Quality Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Materials
    15. ACP Composites - Suppliers of High Quality Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Materials
    16. Datasheet for 3M ScotchWeld Epoxy 2216 - Great adhesive for carbon fiber and fiberglass (Buy on Amazon)

  5. Multicopters and Frames
    1. Hubsan X4 RTF Micro Quadcopter from Amazon for $45.00
    2. Hubsan X4 RTF Micro Quadcopter with a camera from Amazon for $58.00
    3. Hubsan X4 H107D RTF Micro Quadcopter with FPV camera and color monitor from Amazon for $170.00
    4. UDI U818A RTF Quadcopter with Camera from Amazon for $76.00
    5. Traxxas QR1 Micro Quadcopter from Traxxas for $70.00
    6. Helimax 1SQ Micro Quadcopter from Helimax
    7. Blade Nano QX Micro Quadcopter from Blade for $90.00
    8. Blade 350 QX Quadcopter from Blade for $480.00
    9. Estes 4606 Proto X Nano Quadcopter from Amazon for $40.00
    10. 3DRobotics Iris RTF Quadcopter from 3DRobotics for $750.00
    11. 3DRobotics RTF X8 Octocopter from 3DRobotics for $1350.00
    12. RTF DJI Phantom Quadcopter from B and H Photo for $480.00
    13. DJI F450 ARF Quadcopter Kit from Quadrocopter for $190.00
    14. DJI F550 ARF Hexacopter Kit from Atlanta Hobby for $320.00
    15. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 GPS Edition Quadcopter from Amazon for $350.00
    16. Parrot BeBop Quadcopter from Parrot (Christmas 2014)
    17. Curtis Youngblood Stingray 500 Collective Pitch Quadcopter from Curtis Youngblood for $800.00
    18. FLIP FPV Pro super rugged GoPro Carrying Quadcopter frame from Hoverthings for $150.00
    19. Aquacopter waterproof ultra tough Quadcopter Frame from Aquacopters for $120.00
    20. TBS Discovery Pro Partial Kit from Team Blacksheep for $600.00
    21. Tarot Iron Man 650 Carbon Fiber folding Quadcopter Frame from the Robot Shop for $110.00

  6. Recommended Products Related to UAV
    1. 3DRobotics Pixhawk Flight Controller Autopilot from 3DRobotics for $280.00
    2. KK2.1.5 Simple Flight controller with LCD From Hobby King for $30.00
    3. KDE 4014XF 380KV Brushless Motor from KDE Direct for $119.00
    4. KDE 2814XF 515KV Brushless Motor from KDE Direct for $72.00
    5. Hobbywing 25 Amp 4 in 1 ESC from Off The Grid Water for $45.00
    6. DJI 10" Carbon Filled Propellers from RCDude Hobbies for $2.50

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