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Materials and Services

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Materials And Services

What can I do for the Quadcopter, Drone, Maker and DIY community?

I have a well equipped work shop with many conventional and specialized tools.

I can provide cut to size carbon fiber tubing and plate and G10, FR4 and aluminum plate.

I can cost effectively perform single and short run cutting, bending, drilling and milling.

I use the simplest procedures to provide the lowest price.


Our projects require specific and often exotic materials.

Aluminum alloy, fiberglass, G10 / FR4, carbon fiber composite and various plastics.

Also more conventional materials like wood, laminates, steel or steel alloys.

Tools and Methods

To turn raw materials into useful items we need to use the right tools and techniques.

An extensive selection of tools provides the capability to produce an item economically.

Experience and training permit the use of those tools in an effective and useful manner.

My shop has an extensive array of hand, power, bench, floor and machine tools.

I have 40 years of experience designing and producing prototypes and short runs.

Hand Tools

Manually Operated Bench and Floor Tools

MaterialsAndServices/HydraulicPress.jpg MaterialsAndServices/FootShear.jpg MaterialsAndServices/BoxAndPanBrake.jpg

Hand Electric Power Tools

MaterialsAndServices/HitachiCordless.jpg MaterialsAndServices/Bosch.jpg

Floor Electric Power Tools

MaterialsAndServices/CraftsmanDrillPress.jpg MaterialsAndServices/6x48BeltSander.jpg MaterialsAndServices/HorVertBandSaw.jpg
MaterialsAndServices/6x80EdgeSander.jpg MaterialsAndServices/MK212TileSaw.jpg

Bench Electric Power Tools

MaterialsAndServices/BenchGrinder.jpg MaterialsAndServices/ChopSaw.jpg MaterialsAndServices/MiterSaw.jpg
MaterialsAndServices/AirCompressor.jpg MaterialsAndServices/MillerWelder.jpg MaterialsAndServices/PlasmaCutter.jpg

Manually Operated Machine Tools

MaterialsAndServices/VerticalMill.jpg MaterialsAndServices/CraftsmanLathe.jpg

Automated Machine Tools


DIY Gantry style CNC machine in my attic workshop

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Use the simplest approach to accomplish the goal.

My Shop

A Quick tour of my shop


Double doors are great


And the back half


The far back


The Other side of the back


Back to the middle


And the other side of the middle


And back to the front


And then there is this in our bathroom (We have a shower, who needs a tub?)


Available Services

What if it was easy to get a specialized material cut to the size and shape that you wanted?

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