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Table of Contents   Drones are fun   Quadcopters are fun   ConvertaQuad   PhotoQuad   Multicopters are fun   Robots are fun   CNC is fun

Each "Home Page" has the same information: Links to every page on the Are Fun Web Sites

Are Fun Sites Information - The Features of and How to use the (Are Fun) web sites.

Materials And Services - Appropriate Materials and Available Services.

  1. Drones Are Fun Home Page - Drone Encyclopedia, Airplanes and Control systems.
    1. Drones Are OK Page - Printable Introduction and Handout for Flying Drones For Fun.
    2. Basic UAV Airplane Safety The Most Important Safety Concerns.
    3. Fly Your UAV Airplane Safely - Precautions and procedures for safe UAV Airplane flight.
    4. World of Drones - Introduction to drones.
    5. Encyclopedia of Drones - History and description of drones.
    6. Social and Legal Issues - Perceptions and regulations.
    7. The Future of Drones - What we will be using drones for.
    8. All about Airplanes - Airplanes have their own capabilites and uses.
    9. Airplane Overview - Different designs are appropriate for specific tasks.
    10. Build An Airplane - Build your own airplane from a kit or from scratch.
    11. Airplane Photography - Photo and Video Cameras, Gimbals and setups for Airplanes.

  2. Quadcopters Are Fun Home Page - Quadcopters Are Fun Web Site Home Page.
    1. A Drone Of Your Own - Begin with an inexpensive, sturdy RTF Consumer Quadcopter.
    2. How To Fly a Quadcopter - Step by step Quadcopter flying instructions.
    3. Basic Quadcopter Safety The Most Important Safety Concerns.
    4. Fly Your Quadcopter Safely - Precautions and procedures for safe Quadcopter flight.
    5. Blade 200 QX - The perfect second Quadcopter.
    6. Quadcopters - The quadcopter is the most common and useful multicopter.
    7. Build A Quadcopter - Build your own quadcopter from a kit or from components.
    8. Quadcopter Design - How (and why) to design your own Quadcopter.
    9. Smaller Is Better - In the future very small quadcopters will be the most important UAVs.
    10. Quadcopter Photography - Photo and Video Cameras, Gimbals and setups for Copters.
    11. Ready To Fly Quadcopters - Selecting a Ready to Fly Consumer Quadcopter
    12. Two Flamewheels ARF kit Quadcopter Build - DJI F330 and F450 Builds.
    13. Two FLIPs Frame Quadcopter Build - Hoverthings FLIP Sport and FLIP FPV Pro Builds.
    14. Consumer Frame Quadcopter Build - Innovative build using a consumer replacement frame.
    15. Four In One ESC Setup - How to install and setup a Four In One ESC in a Quadcopter.

  3. ConvertaQuad Home Page - Versatile, high quality, rugged and light weight Quadcopters.
    1. ConvertaQuad Overview - Design philosophy and capabilities of ConvertaQuad Quadcopters.

  4. PhotoQuad Home Page - Pro quality, rugged, light weight Quadcopters for Photo and Video use.
    1. PhotoQuad Overview - Design philosophy and capabilities of PhotoQuad Quadcopters.

  5. Multicopters Are Fun Home Page - Hex, Octo, Tri and Helicopters have special capabilites.
    1. All About Multicopters - How they work, What they do, What you need.
    2. Basic Multicopter Safety The Most Important Safety Concerns.
    3. Fly Your Multicopter Safely - Precautions and procedures for safe Multicopter flight.
    4. Multicopter Overview - There are many types and sizes of multicopter.
    5. Hex and Octocopters - Hexacopters and Octocopters also have some benefits.
    6. Helicopters - Traditional helicopters have some advantages too.

  6. Control and Navigation - Control and navigation systems (On Drones Are Fun site).
    1. Radio Control - Conventional (RC) radio control is the simplest and most basic.
    2. First Person View - Use a video camera to pilot your drone from the cockpit.
    3. AutoPilots - Modern Flight Controllers provide enhanced controls and autonomous flight.
    4. Computer Systems - Auxillary computers are starting to provide even more capabilities.
    5. Vision Systems - 3D vision systems can make environment relative navigation possible.
    6. Navigation - Create autonomous missions by specifying GPS waypoints on a map .
    7. 6 Way Transmitter Switch - Build article for a 6 way mode switch for the RC transmitter.
    8. Lithium Poly and Lithium Ion BatteriesChoose the right battery for your UAV.

  7. Robots Are Fun Home Page - Robot design and construction tecchniques.
    1. Robots Are Fun Main Page - Robot design s and methods.

  8. CNC Is Fun Home Page - How to build program and use Home, Kit and DIY CNC machines.
    1. CNC Is Fun Main Page - In depth description of my DIY Gantry style CNC machine.
    2. The KISS Approach - "Keep It Simple Stupid" - Use the right tool for the job.

  9. Information and Links - General information and links to many other useful sites.
    1. About the Engineer - Gary McCray and why this.
    2. Contact Us - Let us know what you think or ask a question.

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