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OK, Lets Get it over with!

The Military Attack Drone

Sadly, in most of the world, this is what we usually think of when we hear the word "Drone".

A military Predator drone with a Hellfire missile precisely targeting something or someone in some other country.

Basically, the worst possible example of "appropriate" use! Unfortunately the military always seems to get this stuff first.

Understand that this is essentially a benign and useful technology that has been co-opted by the military for destructive purposes.

Swords and plowshares or perhaps tanks and bulldozers come to mind as historically appropriate comparisons.

Drones For the Rest of Us

The Civilian UAV

The "Drones" we will be concentrating on are for positive civilian and civil uses that do not involve killing.

Drone is an outdated historical term left over from early unguided planes used by the military for target practice.

What we have now are sophisticated "FPV" (First Person View) or computer controlled "UAVs" (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

This web site will illustrate apppropriate and beneficial use of drones as well as safety, social and legal issues.

It will also cover UAVs for personal use; consumer models, DIY, design criteria, set up, tuning and flight instruction.

TBS Discovery Quadcopter with a GoPro camera, gimbal, FPV and telemetry

So Many Capabilities

Skywalker Airplane with a GoPro camera, gimbal, FPV and telemetry

What Can You Do with a Personal UAV?

GoPro Camera Video on an FPV flight through Lone Pine, CA Desert Canyons

Where Should You Start?

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